Hi, I'm Jason.
I like to make stuff... and things.
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OK, I admit "stuff and things" is a bit vague. But it's true — I just love to create.
I have a passion for taking ideas, concepts and raw materials and turning them into something greater than the sum of their parts.
But something tells me you're not here for my award-winning chili recipe or pictures of my most recent Halloween costume.
You're likely here to see if I have a very particular set of skills.

Graphic Design

I've always had a unique way of looking at things, but it's not enough that a design looks good; it has to communicate.

Web Design

Design you can interactic with? How great is that? I've been designing websites since all backgrounds were gray and links were blue. We've come a long way!

Web Development

HTML, PHP, CSS - enough letters to fill a bowl of soup. The challenge is combining those acronyms into a delicious experience for your users.

E-Mail Design and Development

What does it take to stop the recepient from hitting the delete button? Good design, responsiveness and a clear concise message, among other things

Video Editing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then 23.97 pictures per second is a lot of words. Sometimes, video is the best way to communicate your message.


I approach design from a marketing perspective and often walk the lines between the two disciplines.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
Well, here's twelve of them. Just click a preview image to see more details.
You'll also see a brief description of each project, in case a thousand words isn't enough.

Ivy League Leadership Website

Website Design & Development

Explore Peninsula Website

Website Design & Development

Proforma Million Dollar Forum Logo

Logo Design

TimberTech Website

Website Development

Proforma Blog

Website Design & Development

What's Next Dog Tag

Graphic Design

Decadent Diva Website

Website Design & Development

ID Card Group eCommerce Site

Website Design & Development

Essentials E-mail Campaign

E-mail Design and Implementation

Lipan, TX Directory Cover

Graphic Design

Sourcing Guide Cover

Graphic Design

Lincoln Sales Kickoff Flyer

Graphic Design

EKG Logo

Logo Design

Perry Welding & Machine Logo

Logo Design

Black & White Auction Materials

Graphic Design

My Story

We all have to start somewhere.
But where we end up and how we get there is, for the most part, up to us.
Sure there will be roadblocks and detours along the way, but how we deal with them helps define us.
Everyone has a story. Here is mine.

  • 1998-2000

    Humble Beginnings

    Fresh out of college and looking for the perfect job to combine my advertising degree with my passion to create, I got a job designing phone book ads. Yeah, remember phone books? I learned that it was possible to design efficiently and expertly in a fast-paced environment.

  • 2000-2010

    Hitting My Stride

    After two years of designing ads, I was promoted to the Creative Services department where we created the phone book covers and specialty ads as well as serving as the in-house design studio. I learned the value of being part of a team, feeding off of others' ideas and growing together.

  • 2011


    After the sudden, but inevitable, fall of the phone book industry, I did the freelance thing for a while, but emerged a year later, working for a small (only four employees) marketing and design firm. I worked on a variety of print, web and e-mail projects. I learned the responsibility of working in small groups.

  • 2011-2012

    Moving Forward

    When it was time to move on from that opportunity, I began to focus more on web and e-mail projects and served as Senior Web Developer and then Director of Web Development at another small agency. I learned that I had the experience to move into more of a leadership role.

  • 2012-Present

    Better Than Ever

    After several years on the agency side, I decided it was time to take my leadership skills back to a large company. As Manager of Digital Media Design, I lead by example on a variety of web and e-mail projects while taking on the occasional special assignment. I learned that you should always be willing to learn new things and develop your skills.


Looking for a partner for a creative project? Perhaps you need an experienced web developer?
Or maybe you do want my award-winning chili recipe. Drop me a line, I'll be in touch.